Frigate section

French “Unnamed” Frigate of around 1750

Scale: 1/48

Dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x 21 x 32 cm

Built: 2012

This is a section through a generic French frigate of mid 18th century done only as an experiment on the French specific construction techniques like diagonal planking in the hold, deck structure, mast step and exterior hull planking using nails and treenails to name a few.
The starting point was the framing of the frigate La Flore which was stripped out of everything and a complete rebuild was done using as inspiration the plans of a couple other French frigates: La Renomee (frigate of 8 – 1744) and La Belle-Poule (frigate of 12 – 1756) from ANCRE collection of monographs.
A decision of not using any paint on the model was taken and instead different woods were employed: basswood for the “recycled” frames, pear for the exterior planking and beams, ebony for the wales and dead work decoration, box wood for the deck planking and blood wood for interior planking.

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