Japanese Fune – Updated

Japanese merchant ship of 1868

Scale: 1/100

Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 x 25 x 35 cm

Built: 2013-14

Build after a plan measured and drawn at Kobe in 1868 by Mr. A. Paris and later published in his book “Souvenirs de Marine”.

The model went through a major refit in 2017: addition of two missing foremasts, sails and corresponding rigging, side decoration all around, paint and varnish, new stand, new case base and brass engraved description plaque.

A flag was added with the ship name  of my own choosing written on it in kanji. The name I choose – Hakudo Maru – was the kami (spirit) of ships in Japanese religion who is said to have come to Earth 5000 years ago and taught humans how to build ships. (I used Google translate to get the name in kanji and I can only hope I got it right)

Original 2014 model look.

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