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  1. Alexandru Post author

    Hello Edwin,

    I lost your email (my Yahoo account behaves very strange lately) so I decided to answer your question here. I hope you return to this page and you’ll see this message.

    The question as I understood it was: how do I get the dimensions for the beams.

    I used the 1/48 scale plans from McKay’s Anatomy of the Ship book on HMS Victory. In the book, pages 53 to 58 (titled B8 to B13) there are the deck framing plans. From them I’ve got the width and length of the beams for each deck.

    The width and height (beam section) are available in pages 39-40 titled A4 General arrangements.

    If your question was related to scarph joint of the beams – the plans only show a straight line representing the joint. I used as reference Peter Goodwin’s book “Construction and fitting the English man of war” page 65, where he describes that the strongest type of joint used for beams was called: tabled and lipped scarph – what you see in the attached picture of your mail (7th picture above). I had to adapt the dimensions of tables and lips and the angle/length of the joint to my beam dimensions. In that case they were: 6,6,6,9,6,9,6,6,6 for a total of 60mm length and a height of table/lip depth of 1mm.

    Hope this helps,
    Regards Alexandru

  2. Edwin

    Hello Alexandru,

    Thank you for your questions and help.

    About scarph joint of the beams ,in your 5 books recommendation,I only find a diagram(HMS Victory Her Construction, Career and Restoration – Alain McGOWAN page 133).

    Thank you again, and your HMS Victory is a great piece of work.



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