Sep 10, 2016 – added 50 pictures on yards rigging.

3 thoughts on “Rigging

  1. Kutuzov Sergey

    To Alexander,
    magnificent grant. Tell, on the Unimat lathe you sharpen brass? I have attended to acquisition of the lathe. I very much like Unimat. How you will characterize him?

    1. guraus Post author

      Hello Sergey

      I do work on brass with the Unimat lathe. In fact if you look here you will see the biggest work I’ve done with it so far: I turned about 20 brass cannons using a home made copy device.
      I do like the lathe and I think it is a very good tool and very easy to use. I bought it used and quite far from perfect condition plus I have never previously used a lathe. So if one would try to do on it watch quality parts probably it won’t be good enough. But for my needs and my skill level it is perfect – I highly recommend it.
      I used it a lot for turning wood too and everything that needed turning in brass for my model (canons, pulley wheels, the bell for the belfry, stanchions etc) was done on it.

      Hope this helps you.

  2. Kutuzov Sergey

    Thanks, Alexandru!
    Your guns huge in comparison with my scale of 1:84 🙂
    I now just am engaged in production of gun carriages on middledeck. Time to conceive how to do guns has come.
    There is a lot of small desktop lathes on metal, I try to choose suitable.

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