La Flore

28 Guns Frigate of 1784

Scale: 1/75

Dimensions (L x W x H): 72 x 12 x 42 cm

Built: 2006

La Flore ex Vestale was built in Brest in 1756 and finished in Le Havre in 1757. After the battle of the cardinals, it is taken by the English ship HMS UNICORN in 1761 and becomes HMS FLORA. It is taken by the Americans after being scuttled in Rhode-Island in 1778. Raised in 1782, sold in Bordeaux in 1784, it is rearmed in 1787 in Rochefort, it takes part in the campaigns of Senegal in 1788-1789.

Length : 43 m.
Width : 9,80 m.
Draught: 4,95 m
Armament : 28 8 pounds guns.

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