Le bateau de Lanvéoc

Brest harbour work ship of around 1800.
Scale: 1/36 Dimensions (L x W x H): 43 x 11 x 38 cm Built: 2016.
After plans drawn by Admiral Paris in 1830.

3 thoughts on “Le bateau de Lanvéoc

  1. Luc De Pauw

    Hey Alex

    I just started, as a novice arsenal model builder, the construction of this little vessel. l love the finish, the painting, of the hull of your bateau de Lanveoc. How did you manage that, did you use an acrylic paint?

    Luc De Pauw, Belgium

    1. guraus Post author

      Sorry for the late answer.
      The back paint is diluted acrylic paint applied with a brush. Once dried I sanded it lightly with steel wool to give it an “aged” or “used” look.
      Hope this helps you.

  2. Luc De Pauw

    Sure it does, thanks a lot. Your blog is a source of help and inspiration for me.

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